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Free comparative, independent review on all Company schemes, Director’s Pension and Self-Employed Pension funds. Whether you are a Company Director, Executive or member of a Group Scheme, an Experienced Corporate Pensions Consultant is available to you today.

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Company Directors, Executive Pensions, Group Schemes

We will review your situation and plan the most tax-efficient and cost-effective pathway for you and your company. They will compare the structures, options and charges available for your situation or status.

A FREE review of:

  • Executive Plans
  • Group Schemes 
  • Early Retirement
  • Self-Administered Pensions Trusts
  • EU Residency Retirement Models

Are all available to you in consultation with our team of Specialist Pension Planners.

Have your pension plans and scheme costs, investment strategies and performance reviewed privately today.

You could, but you may have more tax efficient options.

You may also have access to Early Retirement Benefits including Tax Free Cash from age 50 by choosing a Company Pension Plan or an Executive Pension Plan.

The scale of Pension Contribution permitted by Revenue on behalf of Company Directors and Executives is several times the amount allowed to Personal Pension Plans.

The tax relief available to Company Directors through Occupational Schemes funded by employer and employee is therefore a greater percentage of income than through personal plans.

See Occupational Pension Funding limits below:

To ensure that you have the Maximum approvable retirement benefit from your company and Executive scheme, please request a call back or select a review below. Our Consultant will be back to you within 24 hours.

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There are broadly similar benefits but the mechanics can be different. It is important to be contributing to the Maximum Funding and Tax Relief Model available. Call the number below or request a free review.

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It is possible to purchase property through a Self- Administered Pension Plan (SSAS). There are extremely positive benefits available through this method of Pension Administration. These include the accrual of Rents and Investments returns tax free within a Self- Administered Pension Trust and the legal avoidance of Capital Gains Tax on the Investment Gains of the Pension Fund within the SSAS.

This is a very specialised area that requires specific advice on Trusteeship, Tax Relief and Pension Regulations. Call the number below or request a review with an Experienced Advisor within 24 hours.

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You can provide Death-in-Service Benefits and Income Protection to yourself or key Employee’s in a Tax efficient manner. Contributions to these benefits through an Occupational Pension Scheme are deductible reliefs and are available to your Company / Employer.

For a full outline of the benefits and Tax Reliefs available, call the number below or request a free review.

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There is a broad array of affordable options. A small outlay can have a big effect on Company loyalty and morale. It’s a win-win as the Employees will be getting Benefits which they may not otherwise afford and the company will receive full tax relief against Corporation Tax on all benefits provided though the Pension Scheme. Call the number below or request a review with our Consultant. We will assist you with a full free outline of the affordable and eligible benefit options for your Employees.

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Depending on the number of employees, you may be required to provide a minimum access to a Group P.R.S.A or Pension Scheme. Typically, Employers may have a basic scheme available for general staff after a minimum period of service. Executive Pension Plans may be available to management or key employees.

There are many considerations, cost and regulatory implications to providing Pension Benefits to a large group of Employees with varied skills and income levels.

We will assign you an experienced Pension Planner who will examine all of the options available to your company including a compliance check on the regulatory Revenue and Trustee arrangements put in place. To access a high-level Pension Consultant, experienced in establishing multi- level Company and Executive Schemes, please call the number below or request a review within 24 hours.

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