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Tax Advantages to owning property in your Pension

There are strong tax advantages to owning property in your pension. The traditional model was to own property personally and pay income tax on the rental receipts and capital gains tax on a property sale uplift. It is possible to purchase bespoke assets such as commercial or domestic property within a Self-Administered Pension Trust Structure (SSAS).

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Can I buy Property in my pension?

It is possible to purchase property through a Self-Administered Pension Plan (SSAS). There are extremely positive benefits available through this method of Pension Administration. These include the accrual of Rents and Investment returns tax free within a self-administered trust and the legal avoidance of Capital Gains Tax on the Investment Gains of the Pension fund within the SSAS.

Pension Property Advisor

Our Specialist Consultants have more than 30 years’ experience of developing property portfolios with successful clients in Self-Administered Pension Structures. We can help you put in place the most tax-efficient structure, which is Revenue approved and complies with all pension regulations relating to property.

A Real Partnership!

SSAS’ allow the client to select their own investment properties i.e. You identify the property which you wish to purchase in your pension and we initiate/ structure, monitor and review all of the Independent Pension Trustee aspects. From Regulation, Overview and Compliance, to advising on the investment decisions and timelines. Your property investment plan is tailored to your retirement plan with the objective of maximising fund growth within your pension from the rental or investment returns of your pension funds.

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