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Whether you are an individual looking to start a pension, considering redundancy offers or trying to find and claim pension benefits from your former Employer’s scheme, a Specialist Pension Advisor is available to help you through the technical and regulatory process and simply explain the right pathway for developing the most tax-efficient solution for your personal situation.

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In Employment

If the employer is willing to contribute to an existing Employers Scheme, you should join the scheme and take advantage of the benefits. You will need to decide how much your personal contributions from your salary will cost you each month. You may also consider Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC’s) and build up a greater Pension fund with personal tax relief on your contribution.

We will assist you in calculating the contributions, AVC entitlements and compare the terms and charges of your employer scheme.

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Yes, they can – some employers may not admit you to a company scheme until you have been two years in employment.

Employers are obliged to facilitate tax relief and pay-roll deduction of Contributions to a scheme which you may set up yourself. Click below to request assistance with your most tax efficient options and entitlements.

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There are vast array of Pension plans and options available. Our Pension Consultant will review your situation and assist you with your Pension Planning process. Contact us and we respond within 24 hours.

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You have several options, including:

  • Transferring to a Personal Retirement Bond  (With a Life Company).
  • Taking Early Retirement Options  (Depending on age and health).
  • Tax Free Cash Extractions (Depending on age and circumstance).
  • Transferring to a new Employer’s scheme.

Leaving Service or Redundancy considerations are some of the most difficult decisions to make on your own. The decisions may influence the value and access to your pension benefits later on.

Pension Exit Service

Should you seek assistance with any decision that affects your existing of former pension funds, please consult our experienced Pension Advisors. They will examine all of your Pension options including maximizing Tax-Free Lump Sums and preserving long term benefits and Fund Value.

This assessment will involve a detailed fact find which we will conduct on your behalf.

To access this optimum benefit report and the most Tax-Free Cash from your Pension, please request a review below and we will be in contact with you in 24 hours.

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What’s Your Status?

You can contribute to various types of pensions depending on your employment status.

In Employment

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